Do The Math

by Andre LaFosse

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goaliebob kinda of reminds me of James Plotkin... and there is nothing wrong with that! Favorite track: Siren Song / Yawning Abyss / The Turing Test.
Dillon Ethier
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Dillon Ethier Nice interplay between guitar and various electronics. If this is the music of our machine overlords, then I for one welcome the robot apocalypse. Favorite track: Basilisk.
Ed Buckley
Ed Buckley thumbnail
Ed Buckley This is raucous instrumental rock in a somewhat experimental vein. La Fosse plays guitar with fuzz and echoplex and then mixes in some synth for a sound that almost seems familiar. There's some very interesting stuff here. If this is too normal for you seek a copy of Normalized. That'll larn ya. :)
urbannerds thumbnail
urbannerds Amazing music from an amazing guitarist! Favorite track: Siren Song / Yawning Abyss / The Turing Test.
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One of two new solo recordings released by Andre LaFosse in June 2012, "Do The Math" is "the mad scientist modular synthesizer hauntology krautrock album."

Technology does not age gracefully.

"Do The Math," by guitarist and producer Andre LaFosse, is a sprawling thesis on the exotic possibilities of unstable and archaic musical machinery. In this corner: ancient electronics, sputtering and buzzing on the verge of meltdown. In that corner: guitar lines rasping and snarling, teetering between mournful melody and fuzzed-out hysterics.

At a time when synthesizers and electric guitars are the most common instruments to be found in popular music, "Do The Math" is filled with unpredictable sounds that shudder and shriek, pumping out streams of noises like patterns of corrupted data. The album's reference points bounce between psychedelia, hip-hop, mid-20th Century classical and audio workshop experimentation, industrial, and krautrock, without ever resting comfortably in any particular stylistic slot.

The drive of modern technology is most often geared towards making our lives more elegant: communicating faster, working more productively, regimenting our existence in sleek, exacting efficiency.

But as much as we strive towards greater speed and precision, our lives are not governed by these qualities alone. "Do The Math" is an ode to the possibilities of technology expressing our wilder, looser, more abstract tendencies: when clinical precision and cultured reserve are consumed by instinct, impulse, and the sheer haphazard mess of existence.


released June 12, 2012

Serious thanks: Jody Beth Rosen, Scott Collins, Ted Killian, Eric Oberthaler, Ken Rosser, Ricky Graham, Phil Clevenger, Petri Lahtinen, Shawn Farley, Mark Reveley.

Cover photograph by Andre, from the exhibition "Beneath The Valley of The Lowest Form of Music: The Los Angeles Free Music Society 1972-2012".

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Andre LaFosse Los Angeles, California

Andre LaFosse (pronounced "ON-draye laugh-OSS") is a guitarist, producer, and chronic deconstructionist tortured (solo) artist. His eclectic, obsessive experiments with gene-splicing his own musical DNA have won him acclaim, controversy, and more than a few puzzled looks from his listeners. ... more

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